IT Audit Service

A second opinion from a 3rd party on the setup and functionality of your current IT systems can be beneficial.


The audit (at one site only) will be completed by two certified staff. The audit is presented in person to outline findings, recommendations, technology scorecard, priority timeframe and migration flowchart.


A sample IT Audit Service Report can be viewed here.







Two Engineers attend site to manually audit 18 core areas of the IT infrastructure. Core areas include Internet Gateway, ISP Links, Backups, Servers and Computer Room. Temporary administrator access to Active Directory, Microsoft systems and network devices is required. A minimum of two key staff are interviewed.




Each audited core area is given a score and definition to indicate its current state. A lower score represents an increase in risk to the business. A future state score is also given which represents a desired outcome.




The high and medium priority core areas are sorted by "months to complete" to set an achievable timeframe to work off.




Core areas are listed in high, medium and low order.  Each core area has a definition, current environment and recommendation.

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